What my datacentre really is, is a collection of computers, shoved in a closet in my house. 

The Geekery Datacentre has several purposes. It serves me as personal support structure for much of my projects. I store much of the information I encounter and archive many things. Most of the machines in my datacentre function as servers, but there are a couple of machines in there that exist as "scratch pads" and thus I use those to explore things as they come up..

Current Manifestation
The present manifestation of the Geekery Datacentre entails a fair bit of Linuxy goodness.

'Dauntless' - my file server, is an Ubuntu Linux machine. It runs a massive LVM that is where most of my data gets archived.

'Excelsior' -  my VM server, is a VMware ESXi machine. It runs Linux VMs such as and various Windows development VMs.

'Luna' - my router, is an old Pentium 4 rig I use to manage my home network. It lives on BSD (so not really Linux, but still a solid OS) thanks to pfsense.

'Neptune' - a scratch pad - is an older machine I use for toying around with OSX86, occasional Windows Dev and exploring of newer releases of Ubuntu (and related flavors of) Linux. I also often rapidly rig this box to serve friends that visit the Geekery.

'Jupiter' - my former file server. Jupiter has essentially become another scratch-pad machine for me. It's a reasonably powered P4 (ugh, block heater) that is presently configured with Ubuntu to function as a media client, but I rarely even boot Jupiter of late.