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Project Reincarnation

Project Reincarnation was to convert my fairly hacky closet in to an even more hacky closet of chaos and wonder....

The project took place over a few weekends (as that's when I had time for it). It involved a lot of sitting and pondering about what I wanted to do and how best to do it. A lot of time also went in to trips to the hardware store over not getting enough of something in a previous trip (like wood screws and support brackets).

To cut to the final results, a before and after is here. The main analysis for what to do happened during the second stage.

I blogged about this on, you guessed it, my blog here. (Update Apr 26: Also was picked up by Hackaday, Howtogeek and geeknmod).

This was also posted on Hackaday, but that ended up being bitter-sweet due to the raging emo-attention of herds of trolls. (*sheds a lone tear*).

To actually explore the process, check out each stage below..